Cruises Worldwide is now affiliated with Dimensions In Travel, located in Novato, California. As such, we are now able to be a full service travel agency, including air, tours, hotel, all-inclusive resorts, event tickets and whatever else you may need to complete your perfect trip.

Established in 1970, Cruises Worldwide Inc. is regarded as one of the premier cruise agencies in the industry, with affiliations with some of the major international travel organizations and trusted by both corporate and individual travelers. As an award winning cruise agency representing the top 30 cruise lines, we offer unparalleled cruise values and discounts.

Cruises Worldwide Inc. specializes in the most competitive discount cruise fares, tours and land packages for the individual traveler as well as charter, corporate and group travelers. There are no hidden fees - our agency does not enforce administration fees or cancellation fees.

Whether you are traveling for pleasure or business, we can help you find the best rates on most of the major cruise lines and tour operators around the world! Our staff is well trained in searching for the best fares for destinations in Europe, South America, Caribbean, Panama Canal, Alaska, South Pacific, Asia, Canada/New England, Africa and Central America.

Cruises Worldwide Inc. is dedicated to providing today's cruise traveler with Experiences of a Lifetime, ensuring that the finest details are met with unparalleled professional care and unsurpassed customer service.


  • 30 years of experience in the cruise Industry with commitment to our clients and their special travel requirements.
  • All client payments are made directly to the cruise lines.
  • All client invoices and documentation are sent to you directly by the cruise lines.
  • Our Insurance: Liability, Errors and Omissions, Bankruptcy Insurance, cover all client bookings.
  • Please register with us to receive our special pricing on all sailings.

Are you interested in exploring the legendary wonders of the Mediterranean? Many people dream of sailing through the sun-kissed region, on-board a stunning cruise ship with every possible amenity. If you want a discount Mediterranean Cruise that doesn't deprive you of service and customer satisfaction, Cruises Worldwide Inc. can make your vacation dreams a reality.

The splendors of Greek Islands and azure waters can be well within reach when you let us assist you in seeking out amazing deals on discount Mediterranean cruises. Since 1970, we've been there for clients, providing them with access to hard-to-find sales and deals on cruises. We believe in honesty, customer service, and efficiency. By using our practical service, you will save yourself time and money. Let us open up a whole new world of choices and opportunities. If you think you need to be deprived of true cruise ship luxury when you book a discount trip, think again - with, you really can have your cake, and eat it, too.

Getting you the best possible deal on a luxury Mediterranean cruise is easier for us, because we have the connections and experience to find the hidden gems. Our easy online service makes it fun and simple to select your tastes, budget, destination, and cruise preferences. Then, the magic happens, as our system pinpoints the most appealing deals and features. Narrowing down your choices and making the right decision is a breeze! This takes the worry and guesswork out of choosing discounted Mediterranean cruises.

If you fantasize about the warmth, friendly spirit, and myth and legend of this unique and beautiful region, you should reward yourself with an amazing luxury cruise. If you're worried about money, you'll be surprised at the brilliant sales and deals you'll find year-round. Planning a trip to this vacation paradise will spark your imagination, and the memories you bring back with you will warm your heart for years to come.

Start planning today - the future is just a mouse-click away. Our specialists have been helping clients find the ultimate in affordable cruises for longer than many cruise companies have been around. The peace and tranquility of Mediterranean waters are the stuff of legends. For centuries, the beauty of the region has been celebrated in verse and poetry. Give yourself the trip of a lifetime and take advantage of everything this area can give to travelers.

We'll find you the best price on your cruise along with the best service -- Guaranteed. Request a Quote or Contact us at 800-700-4170 or 951-522-8233.

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